Forexyard Iphone App

Die Trading App gibt es offiziell seit dem 5. Januar 2010 aktuell in 16 Sprachen und ist zudem zu anderen mobilen Geräten kompatibel: HTC Hero, Nokia N85, Blackberry Curve, Palm Pre, Samsung Omnia, Nokia N97, Blackberry Storm, und Samsung Tocco..

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Forexyard ICTS Trader
Forexyard – Forex Strategy Automator (FSA)

Forexyard Iphone App beherrscht aktuell folgende Features:

  • Account Info – Account status
  • Market Orders – Buy und Sell Order aufgeben
  • Entry Orders – Orderplazierung direkt aus dem Iphone
  • Stop und Limit Orders – Limits setzen ist ebenfalls möglich
  • Orders ändern und löchen – Einfache Hanhabung von aktiven Ordering sowie Streichung einer Order aus dem App
  • Real Time Live Streaming Quotes -Real Time Forex Kurse
  • Umfangreiches Charting – erweiterte Darstellung der Charts
  • Charting Indicators – Indikatoren für Charts ebenfalls enthalten

Die iPhone Forex App kann direkt vom iTunes app store heruntergeladen werden:

FOREXYARD's Trading App im Appstore

Die zugehörige Pressemitteilung lautet wie folgt:

ForexYard Mobile Trader for iPhones eases the transition from desktop to mobile

Fast and user-friendly mobile trading is now available for iPhones with ForexYard's new Forex trading platform.

ForexYard Mobile Trader is the first and only fully functional Forex trading platform for the iPhone. The free application allows traders to easily make the transition from desktop to mobile, and is perfect for on the go day or intraday traders.

The Mobile Trader is an intuitive, easy to use, and accessible trading platform that delivers the fastest and most convenient trading service to all. The platform is offered in sixteen languages and ties in directly to your trading platform at home without having to sync.

Users describe the platform as „the best mobile trading app I ever used“, „simple, quick and has all the necessary trading functions“, and „the best forex trading application“. Live account holders can perform the following actions with our user-friendly interface, and the backing of ForexYard's unrivaled charts and quotes:

View Account Info – See your current account status on the go Market Orders – Buy and Sell anything, anytime Entry Orders – Place orders directly from your phone Stop and Limit Orders – Make sure to manage your risk on the go Change and Remove Orders – Modify your positions using the app Real Time Live Streaming Quotes Fully Functional Charts – use the mobile charts to make quality trading decisions Charting Indicators – Use indicators to validate moves in the market

Become part of the growing number of traders who have made the switch to trading whenever, wherever with the Forexyard Mobile Trader for your iPhone! The platform is also compatible with HTC Hero, Nokia N85, Blackberry Curve, Palm Pre, Samsung Omnia, Nokia N97, Blackberry Storm, and Samsung Tocco.